A brighter road ahead

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Phyllis Mahon

Phyllis Mahon

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Country: United Kingdom
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A woman and her son standing gazing down onto a moonlit landscape with low pale hills on the horizon. The road ahead is lit brightly by the full moon high in the clearing sky. The mother’s hair is flying, full of sparks and warm energy for the journey ahead. Twin stars shine at the top left of the picture.

Graphite, watercolour and Caran d’ache pencil on blue/grey Khadi paper.

I wanted to show off the lovely paper so the basic colour is the paper with lots of white and russet highlights.

Size: A3 / approximately 12 x 17 inches
Khadi handmade cotton rag paper from India – 210 gsm paper with a deckled edge
Presented wrapped in tissue, in a reinforced envelope.


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