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Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche

 Professional Artist
  • Location: County Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Things can go wrong each day but its amazing how many things actually go right!  I choose the title of this painting to convey this fact, that become apparent if we take a moment to consider it.  There’s always good things that happen within each day even if they are small things like a nice lunch or sunset or a smile from a stranger.  The painting is brimful of happiness and optimism.  Painting with bright, fresh colours allows me to get into a joyful frame of mind and I do hope this original piece will do the same for you when you view it.  It is an original, acrylic painting that has been created on a stretched canvas, and framed ‘floating’ with a cream/white mount and wooden frame.  It is sure to evoke happy feelings in a special place in your home or work environment.  Enjoy!


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