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In touch
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In Touch by Claudia Lowry

Print: 020 x 40 cm (8 x 16 inches)
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  • Ireland €10

Art Description

Prints Available:

  • 020 x 40 cm (8 x 16 inches): 40.00
  • Framed: No

Artist's Description

Claudia Lowry

Claudia Lowry

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Dublin, Dublin
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

This picture invokes meaning and legend. It is of a perspective of two different ways of life or existence in the same world with the same basic needs. There are similarities between these two lives, the will to thrive and fight for life, these two lives originated in two very different environments and lead two different lives, at the end they will both go to the same place. Around the main focus of the picture (fox and woman) there are ancient symbols around the pair, they have a range of meanings consisting of negative and positive aspects, the trials and tribulations of life.
Size: 16.5 by 8 inches
There are 4 prints of this picture
The price is €40


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