It’s your time to Shine!

It's your time to shine!
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Artist's Description

Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche

 Professional Artist
  • Location: County Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

At times, things just fall into place and we truly shine. Life flows effortlessly and with positive energy.  When we believe we can shine, we will shine.  I painted this original piece to motivate and evoke joy and hope for the best of days. Now is the time to make those dreams real and become the very best that we can be.  Everything is possible.  This is a really colourful, happy and textured piece that encompasses a joyful and playful palette, and my aim when painting it , was to motivate, inspire and bring some joy to any space at home or in work.  This acrylic painting is framed in a contemporary white scoop frame.  It’s time to shine!


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