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A sculpure in maple with 5 light sources. 62 cms high

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  • Price: 750.00
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Artist's Description

Dermot O´Brien

Dermot O´Brien

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Neustadt, Deutschland
  • Country: Germany
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Other Description

The sculpture in maple consists of five parts each containing an E14 light bulb for illumination. The parts are built up with spacers, The light shines through the spaces and becomes the defining part of the sculpture. The light swirls around the centrepiece and creates movement. The piece is not designed as a lamp ( though the name falls all too often) but as a sculpture using light a main element. The sculpture gives a wonderful soft lighting to any room in which it is placed. The curly maple used is waxed and polished to a high finish and it is a pleasure to stroke and smells nice too. the piece is 62 cms high.


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