Lough Tay in full bloom

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Lough Tay in full bloom by Bart Murzicz

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Art Description

Prints Available:

  • 018 x 52 cm (7 x 21 inches): 99.00
  • 25 x 75 cm (10 x 30 inches): 175.00
  • 030 x 90 cm (12 x 35 inches): 250.00
  • Framed: No

Artist's Description

Bart Murzicz

Bart Murzicz

  • Location: Dublin,
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Lough Tay in full bloom (Irish: Loch Té) “Guinness Lake” is a small but scenic lake set in the Wicklow Mountains in County Wicklow, Ireland.


It lies between the mountains of Djouce and Luggala and is fed by the Cloghoge River, which then flows into Lough Dan to the south. The northern coastline forms part of an estate belonging to the Guinness family. It is edged with a beach of startlingly white sand; the dark peaty water and the white sand create a striking similarity to a pint of Guinness when look at it at the right angle. The lake is where the village is set for the well know tv series “Vikings”.


This image was taken in August at a sunrise. End of summer was spectacular and full of blooming carpets of purple heather, making it a very special and soothing experience to watch. The sun was gently touching the peaks of the mountains while clouds were drawing their own spectacle on the sky.


Final image consists of 27 photographs merged together into a multi-exposure composite.


Printed on high quality photographic papers using 12 colour digital printer, produced exclusively by the artist.


Prices of prints:

€99    –   18 x 52cm   (23 x 61cm including white border)

€175  –   25 x 75cm   (30.5 x 81cm including white border)

€250  –   30 x 90cm   (35.5 x 107cm including white border)


All works can be reproduced to very large sizes on special request.


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