Red Poppies Original acrylic

Red Poppies original acrylic
Room View Red Poppies Original acrylic

Red Poppies Original acrylic by Rine Philbin

Red poppies original acrylic

Red poppies original acrylicRed Poppies original acrylic

Painting: 058 x 28 cm (23 x 11 inch)
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Art Description


  • Price: 240.00
  • Size: 058 x 28 cm (23 x 11 inch)
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Framed: no

Artist's Description

Rine Philbin

Rine Philbin

Part-Time Artist
  • Location: Galway,
  • Country: Ireland
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Other Description

Red Poppies</

H1:Red Poppies original acrylic. Irish artist Rine Philbin.
H2:Red poppies original acrylic. Original Irish watercolour of Red poppies. Acrylic original art piece by Irish artist Rine Philbin. Vibrant red poppies bring colour and energy to a room. Rine is a part time artist and enjoys the nature scenes around her. This includes animals, Wild Atlantic sea in the West of Ireland, farmland, villages and people. These red poppies are a strong red giving energy through their simplicity and clear flower shapes. Acrylic painting brings a power to the subject matter and allows the owner to enjoy the positivity and strength of the red poppies.

H3: height: 58cm
width: 28cm
price: 240€

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