Twilight Embracing Night

Twilight Embracing Night
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Phyllis Mahon

Phyllis Mahon

 Professional Artist
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Country: United Kingdom
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Twilight Embracing Night
Leaving the daylight fading behind her, pink and gold “Evening” meets blue “Hypnos” the God of Sleep and Night, centre-stage in an ‘almost kiss’… their direct gaze, even from his sightless eyes, illustrates the passion between them and that most exciting attraction of opposites.
Even though he is cold and ‘Of the night’ his chest hair holds the smallest of hints of warmth and a heart!

A blend of inspiration: my interest in mythology, the wonderful Hypnos mask in the British Museum, the love of alush, quiet landscape and my adoration of all things romantic!

Things that were also springing to mind as I worked:
Earth meeting sky…(she is rising up from the land, from those little structured bushes, to meet him in the dark clouds).

Painted on canvas in layers of acrylic, the image is strongly divided into two – pinks, yellow, white on the left and dark blue, black on the right.

The image is painted around the edge of the canvas.
Ready to hang, so no (immediate) need for a frame.


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